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William Shakespeare, Othello CMLIT 102W MT

William Shakespeare, Othello CMLIT 102W MT
Midterm Exam |3-4 pages William Shakespeare, Othello, 2nd edition. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 9781472571762. Write an essay on the following topic: Is Othello an Orientalist text? Does it challenge or reproduce Orientalist discourses of Moors during Renaissance England-- or both? Answer this question, and use evidence from the text to support your argument. You will want to: 1. Briefly explain Said's theory of Orientalism, in your own words (1-2 paragraphs) 2. Give the reader a historical context of Othello: how were Moors viewed in Shakespeare's time? You can reference the "Writing Blackness in the Renaissance" handout posted on Blackboard (but do not quote it) (1-2 paragraphs) 3. Articulate your argument, and support it with evidence from Othello (1-2 pages) A Works Cited page is required. See Sample Works Cited Page posted under Course Resources. Also see “Integrating Quotes into Your Argument” handout, which gives detailed instructions on when and how to quote, using Othello as an example.
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William Shakespeare, Othello CMLIT 102W MT

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