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A spherical ball of clay, 2 in. in diameter

A spherical ball of clay, 2 in. in diameter


A spherical ball of clay, 2 in. in diameter, has an initial moisture content of 10 wt%. The diffusivity of water in the clay is 5 A? 10–6 cm2/s. At time t = 0, the surface of the clay is brought into contact with air such that the moisture content at the surface is maintained at 3 wt%. Estimate the time for the average moisture content in the sphere to drop to 5 wt%. All moisture contents are on a dry basis. 

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A spherical ball of clay, 2 in. in diameter

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x xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx clay, x in. in diameter, has xx initial xxxxxxxx content xx xx xxxx The diffusivity xx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx is 5 xx 10–6 cm2/s. xx time x x 0, the surface of the xxxx is xxxxxxx xxxx contact with air such xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx content at the surface xx maintained at x xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx average moisture content xx the sphere to xxxx to 5 wt%. All xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx are on a xxx basis. 


  xxxxxxxx  of  xxx   xxxxxx ball x 2  xx

 radius  of  xxx  xxxxxx 

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