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Draft a memo to a chief executive officer explaining the procurement contract process. Include the following elements:

  • Provide a general description of the procurement contract life cycle.
  • Explain why a company would want to use contracts.
  • Describe the benefits to a company that uses this process.
  • Provide an example of a company that successfully uses the procurement contract life cycle and how that company has benefited from it.

1500-1800 words

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Answer for xxxx xxxxxxxxx assignment xx created. xxxx is for your xxxx reference. 

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November 23, xxxx

To; Chief Executive xxxxxxx

From: (Name)

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx Procurement Contract Process

Procurement Procedure

A: Introduction xxx Background

xxxx xxxxxxxxx provides an easy xx xxxxxxxxxx document xxx xxx xxxxx of the xxxxxxxx xx use when xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx

As a Public Limited Organization, Business Zone xx accountable to xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx Details of this relationship and xxxxxxxxxx responsibilities xxx xxx out xx the Management xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx x Public Limited Company, Business xxxx must xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx laws xxx Government xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx are xxx xxx xx x xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx that xxx xxxxxxxx spend has xxxx transparent, fair and xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx

B: Purpose

xxx aim of this xxxxxxxxx is xx xxxxxx xxxx xxx purchases xxxx by Business Zone xxxxx xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx embrace our xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx An integral part of xxxx xxxxxxxxx xx the

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