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How do organizations decide whom to send RFPs or RFQs?

How do organizations decide whom to send RFPs or RFQs?
Assignment 1
Supporting Activity
RFPs and RFQs
Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following questions:

• How do organizations decide whom to send RFPs or RFQs? When would you send an RFQ as opposed to an RFP?

Assignment 2

Supporting Activity
Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following question:

• How does e-procurement enhance procurement productivity? Research at least one e-procurement software package and discuss its functionality.

Assignment 3

Contract Writing
Select an organization with which you are familiar.(Walmart)

Create a draft contract for consulting services to help with the migration to cloud computing your team is performing. (Piggy back from Walmart team project...Assignment 4)

Search the Internet for samples of IT contracts to use as a template for this assignment.

Also Describe a minimum of three best practices that should be used to develop a well-structured contract.

Assignment 4

Part 4: Test Plan and Quality Metrics

Develop a 2- to 3-page test plan that discusses how you will use unit, integration, and system or user acceptance testing to ensure that any assets moved to the cloud perform without error. The test plan should contain the following information:

• Approach to testing
• Features to be tested
• Pass–fail criteria
• Test deliverables
• Staffing needs, such as IT end users to be involved
• Approvals (who needs to approve the test results)

List and explain at least 10 quality metrics that are applicable to the move to cloud computing. (Still focus on Walmart just like all the other assignment 4s)
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How do organizations decide whom to send RFPs or RFQs?
Tutorial Preview…on xxx context xx the requirements xxxxxxxxx these elements xxxxx also xx xxx determination xx to whether xx send an xxx or xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx the xxx (Request for xxxxxxxxxx would be xxxx in x xxxxxxxxxxxx procurement xxxxxxx where commodity xxxxx are being xxxxxxxxx Multiple xxxxxxxxx xxxxx normally xx able to xxxxxx such items xx the xxx xx simple x method of xxxxxxxxxxx what the xxxxx requires xxx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx price per xxxx volume A xxx (Request xxx xxxxxxxxx can xx significantly more xxxxxxxxxxx as they xxx usually xxxxxxxx xxxx there xx a specific xxxxxxxx need or xxxxxxx which xxx…
Paper_-_Multiple_Assignments.docx (28.62 KB)
Preview: made xxxxx the xxxxxxxx consist of xxx Consultant's remuneration xx defined xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx B xxxxx and of xxx reimbursable expenditures xx defined xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx C xxxxx B RemunerationThe xxxxxx shall pay xxx Consultant xxx xxxxxxxx rendered xx the rate(s) xxx man/month spent, xx accordance xxxx xxx rates xxxxxx and specified xx Annex C, xxxxxxx Estimate xx xxxxxxxxx List xx Personnel and xxxxxxxx of Rates xxxx Reimbursables xxx xxx ApplicableThe xxxxxx shall pay xxx Consultant for xxxxxxxxxxxx expenses, xxxxx xxxxx consist xx and be xxxxxxx to:(i)Normal and xxxxxxxxx expenditures xxx xxxxxxxx travel, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx printing, and xxxxxxxxx charges; official xxxxxx will xx xxxxxxxxxx at xxx cost of xxxx than first xxxxx travel xxx xxxx need xx be authorized xx the Client’s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx other xxxxxxxx xx approved xx advance by xxx Client’s coordinator x Payment xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx be xxxx in US xxxxxxx not later xxxx 7 xxxx xxxxx the xxx of each xxxxx following submission xx invoices xx xxxxxxxxx to xxx Coordinator designated xx paragraph 4 4 xxxxxxxxxxx StandardThe xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx the Services xxxx the highest xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx ethical xxxxxxxxxx and integrity x ConfidentialityThe Consultants xxxxx not, xxxxxx xxx term xx this Contract xxx within two xxxxx after xxx xxxxxxxxxxx disclose xxx proprietary or xxxxxxxxxxxx information relating xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxx Contract xx the Client’s xxxxxxxx or operations xxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxx consent xx the Client x Ownership of xxxxxxxxxxx studies, xxxxxxx xx other xxxxxxxxx graphic, software xx otherwise, prepared xx the xxxxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxx under the xxxxxxxx shall belong xx and xxxxxx xxx property xx the Client xxx Consultant may xxxxxx a xxxx xx such xxxxxxxxx and software x Consultant Not xx be xxxxxxx xx Certain xxxxxxxxxxxxx Consultant agrees xxxxx during the xxxx of xxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxx its termination, xxx Consultants and xxx entity xxxxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx shall be xxxxxxxxxxxx from providing xxxxxx works xx xxxxxxxx (other xxxx the Services xx any continuation xxxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxxx resulting xxxx or closely xxxxxxx to the xxxxxxxx 8 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx will xx responsible for xxxxxx out any xxxxxxxxxxx insurance xxxxxxxx x AssignmentThe xxxxxxxxxx shall not xxxxxx this Contract xx Subcontract xxx xxxxxxx of xx without the xxxxxxxx prior written xxxxxxx 10 xxx xxxxxxxxx Contract xxx LanguageThe Contract xxxxx be governed xx the xxxxxx xx effect xx the parts xx West Bank xxx Gaza xxxxx xxx jurisdiction xx the Palestinian xxxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx shall xx English Language xx Dispute ResolutionAny xxxxxxx arising xxx xx this xxxxxxxxx which cannot xx amicably settled xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxx be xxxxxxxx to adjudication/arbitration xx accordance with xxx laws xx xxx Client’s xxxxxxx 13Termination13 1 xx the ClientThe xxxxxx may xxxxxxxxx xxxx Contract xx the Consultants xxx unable to xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx of xxx Services for x period of xxx less xxxx xxxxxx (30) xxxxxxxxx the Consultants xx not remedy x failure xx xxx performance xx their obligations xxxxx the Contract, xxxxxx thirty xxxx xxxx after xxxxx notified or xxxxxx any further xxxxxx as xxx xxxxxx

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