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grand eng106 all weeks discussions [ all 15 discussions ]

grand eng106 all weeks discussions [ all 15 discussions ]

week 1 dq

Throughout your lifetime, you have had many opportunities to argue in order to get your way. Share one of these opportunities and explain the method you used to get your way. For follow-up discussion, evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the method used by at least two of your classmates.

week 1 dq 2

Fallacies abound in media and popular culture. In your daily reading, find a fallacy, describe it in detail, and then categorize it as one of the general categories listed on pages 234-235 of the textbook. Be specific and use details to justify your categorization. For follow-up discussion, comment on the fallacies discussed by at least two of your classmates. Do you agree with them? Why or why not?


In Module 2, you will begin preparing to write an Argumentative Essay which will be due in Module 4. Review the Argumentative Essay Guidelines. You must choose one of the following topics for your essay:

  • Immigration control
  • Charter schools
  • Mandatory vaccination
  • Government debt

Choose a topic for your argumentative essay. What interests you about this topic? Share any ideas, thoughts, or opinions you have on the topic. Do you have any concerns about writing the essay?

week 2

In your own words, describe the process you go through in finding answers to your own questions. For example, describe how you researched a car, a house, a piece of electronic equipment. What were the steps of your research?


Find one source that is NOT valid, has a bias, or does not use support that is valid or that has an underlying motivation. Describe how you know this source is not a valid source and should not be used for supporting an academic argument.

week 3

Voice in writing is much like your speaking voice. You have tones and inflections, dialect and nuances that make you distinctive. What are the elements of your writing voice? How, in your writing, does your word choice create voice? What rhetorical elements do you use that brands your writing uniquely?


Describe the voice you have used in your Argumentative draft. How have you conveyed the professional tone needed for the audience of your essay (think instructor!) and how is that important to the success of your essay?

week 4

In the drafting of your argumentative essay, what appeal did you use? Explain your topic and your choice of argumentative appeals.


What have you learned from the process you went through writing your Argumentative Essay? How does it feel taking your thesis and turning it into a solid argument? Are you now a master of argument? Explain.

wek 5

Consider the issue of education in the United States. What question could you ask about this topic? What are the problems within this issue? Describe one problem and its cause. Use specific details to describe.


After reading in chapter 16 "Sex, lies, and conversation: Why is it so hard for men and women to talk to each other," consider the causal effect that is described. That is, what is the author proposing as a cause for change? How does she convey that relationship? What is the problem presented? Use at least two quotes or pieces of evidence to support your response.

week 6

Causal essays describe the reasons or causes of events, social conditions, economic conditions, behavior, etc. In considering this point, what questions are you answering in your essay? What problem and its cause are you describing? What makes that topic appropriate for this essay?


As you have moved through this course, you have used various organizational tools. One of the most important is that of the thesis. Describe, in your own words, what a thesis is and what its purpose is. How has establishing a thesis helped you to write your essays? Be specific in describing your understanding of this tool.

week 7$

In proposing a solution to a problem, what are the elements of the problem that you need to take into account? How should you analyze the problem to understand what will work to fix the problem? What skills does a writer need to create a solution to problems?


As you wind up this course, describe the skills you have attained in it. How are your skills different now from the start of the course? How did you gain these skills? Why are these skills important and where do you think you will use them?

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grand eng106 all weeks discussions [ all 15 discussions ]
Tutorial Preview…eng106 xxx…
grand_eng106_week_7_discussions.docx (22.64 KB)
Preview: one xxx providing x solution is xx review once xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxx Canyon xxxxxxxxxxx 2001)  Often, xxxx writing continuous xxxxxxx I xxxx xxx need xx keep going xxxxxxx of re-evaluating xx intitial xxxxxx xx see xx I missed xxxxxxxx or can xxxxxx an xxx xxxxx In xxxxxxxxx the problem x need to xxxxxxxx who qualifies xx xxx the xxxxxxx and/or how xxxxx what resources xxx needed, xxx xxxxxxx steps xxxx can be xxxxx to fix xxx problem xxx xxxxxx a xxxxxx will need xx create a xxxxxxxx to problems xxxxxxxx xx open xxxx to be xxxx to accept xxxxxxxxx opinions xx xxxxxxxxxx of xxx problem and 2) xxxxxxxxxx to depict xxxxxxxx ideas xxxx xxxx fix xxx problem as xxxx as effective xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxxx be 3) Persuasive xx give acknowledgement xx a possible xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx solution xx the moment xx time       References: Chapter xxxxx Composition xx xxxxxxxx Life: x Guide to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx com/digital-resources/cengage/2012/the-composition-of-everyday-life_ebook_4e php Re:Module x DQ xxxxx xxx problem xx identfied, you xxxx have to xxxx at xxx xxxxxx If xxxxx are multiple xxxxxx of a xxxxxxxx then xx xxxxx most xxxxxx require multiple xxxxxxxxx You could xxxx apply xxx xxxxxxxxx that xxxxx be most xxxxxxxxx It takes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to use xxx available resources xx order xx xxxxxx a xxxxxx solution I xxxxxxxxxx feel that xxxxx who xxx xxxx affected xx the problem xxxxx offer valuable xxxxx in xxxxxxx x resolution x postsRe:Module 7 xx 1In proposing x solution xxxxx xxx many xxxxxxxx to analyze xxx can fix xxx problem xx xx there x group of xxxxxx who need xx be xxxxxxxx xxx can xxx problem be xxxxxx or is xxxxx one xxxxxxxxx xxxx is xxx best way xx start the xxxxxxxx process? xx xxxxx to xxxxxxx the problem, xxx writer must xxxx deep xxxx xxx does xxxx problem/issue exist? xxx it created xx society xxx xx a xxxxxxx industry (greenhouse xxxxxxx or was xx created xx xxxxxxx technology? xxx writer needs xx be fully xxxxxx in xxx xxxxxxx The xxxxxx needs to xxxxxxx their emotion xxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxx going xxxxxxxxx 4 postsRe:Module x DQ 1How xxxxxx you xxxxxxx xxx problem xx understand what xxxx work to xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx find xxx the problem xxxxxx coming in xx terms xxxx x solution xx help resolve xxx problem As xx why xxx xxxxxxx exist xx the first xxxxx and brainstorm xxxx solutions xx xxx it xxxxxxx way to xxxxxxx the problem xx a xxxxxx xxx ask xxxx look at xxx situation to xxx if xxxx xxxx cause x series of xxxxxxxx or present xxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxxxx   What xxxxxx does a xxxxxx need to xxxxxx a xxxxxxxx xx problems?The xxxxxx a writer xxxxx to create x solution xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx thinking xxxxxx to find x sloution to xxx problem xxxxx xx all, xxx writer must xxxxxx or evalute xxx problem xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx writer xxxx think critical xxx write down xxxx is xxxxxxx xxx problem xx the begining xxxx as a xxxxxx brainstorming xxxxx xxxxxxxx after xxx writer defines xxx critical thinks xx a xxxxxxxx xx should xxxxxxxxxx and write xxxx a  list xx possible xxxxxxx xx help xxxxxxx the situation xxx asking for xxxx by xxxxxx xxxxxx for xxxxx this is xxxx better when xxxxxxx person xxxxx xxx problem xxxx the other xxxx   5 postsRe:Module x DQ xxxxx xxxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx to a xxxxxxxx you first xxxx clearly xxxxxxxxxx xx Sadly, xxxx problems are xxxxxxxxxxxxx and require x multi-faceted xxxxxxxx xx solving xxxx You need xx understand the xxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxx long-term xxx short When xxxxxxxxx the solution, xxx need xx xxxx what xxxxx be the xxxx effective way xx resolve xxx xxxxxxx Not xxxxx solution is xxxx
grand_eng106_week_5_and_week_6_discussions.docx (31.74 KB)
Preview: later xxxxx to xxx Jersey, I xxx already learned xxxxxxxxxx I xxx xxxxxxx taught xxxxx in NJ xxx at least xxx next x xxxxxxx little xxxxxxxxxx on my xxxxx so I xxx more xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx it:  x moved to xx the summer xxxxxx 4th xxxxx xxxxxxx When x started school, x distinctly remember xxxxxxx like x xxxx be xx the wrong xxxxx I had xxxxxxx learned xxxxxxxxxx x was xxxxx taught This xxxxxxxxx for the xxxx of xxx xxxxxx year xxx even the xxxxxxxxx two years x recall xxxxxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx and my xxxxxxxx being surprised x explained xx xxxx all xxxx I had xxxxxxx it already xx my xxxx xxxxxxx to xxxxx one of xxxx assured me x must xxxx xxxxxx it xx somewhere else xxxxxxx that wasn't xxxxxxxx I xx xxx feel xxxx the education xxxx I received xxxxx in xxx xx school xxxxxx was of xxx same caliber xxxx I xxxxx xxxx received xx I had xxxxxx in Texas xxxxxxxxx schools xxxx xxxxxxxxx ways xx teaching and xxxxxxxxx content that xxxx use xx xxxxx their xxxxxxxx It is xxx even close xx being xxxxxxxxxx xxxx school xx school   xxxx actually allows xxx some xxxxxxx xx have xxxxxxxx graduate knowing xxx bare minimum xx order xx xxxx exams xxxxx other schools xxxx their students xxxxxxxx above xxx xxxxxx so xxxx they can xxxxxxx for college xxxx doesn't xxx xxxx with xx   I xxxx classmates of xxxx who xxxx xxxxx highschool xxxxxxxx but can't xxxxxx out the xxxxxx use xx xxxxxxx "you're", xxxxxx "it's", "there", xxx "their" This xxxxxxxx among xxxx xxxxxxx that xxxxx with a xxxxxxxxxxx education is xxxxxx by xxxxxx xxxxxxx who xxx the bar xxx so that xxxx can xxxx xxxxx students xxxxxxx Not all xxxxxxx are like xxxxx but xxx xxxxx is xxxx NONE of xxxx should be xxxx this xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx deserve xx be offered xxx same high xxxxxxx education xxxx xxxx do xxxxx highschool is xx to them x postsRe:Module x xx 1The xxxxxxx we face xxxxx is that xxx state xx xxxxxxx in xxx wrong thing xxx standardized test xxxx mandatory xxxxxxxx xxx schools xx give out xx replacing tones xx teaching xxxx xxxx from xxx kids Making xxxx the teachers xxx Students xxx xxxxxx out xxxxxxxx receive less xxxxxxxxx and more xxxxxxxxxxx for xxx xxxx How xxx the students xxxxxxxx to master xxxxx curriculum? xx xx own xxxxxxx I believe xxxx schools shouldn’t xx judged xx xxx test xxxxxxx When in xxxxxxx the tests xxx the xxxxxx xxx kids xxx not improving xxxxxxxxx tests do xxx adequately xxxxxxx xxxxxxx learning, xxx alone critical xxxxxxxx Forcing teachers xx teach xx xxx test xxxxxxxx instruction and xxxxxxxxxxxx the curriculum xxx every xxxxxx xxx every xxxx spent on xxxxxxx and test xxxx is x xxxxxx and xx hour not xxxxx on educating xxxxxxxx ”(Mulgrew, xxxxx xxxx In xxx link below x provided an xxxxxxx that xxxxxxxx xxxx in xxxxx about how xxxxxxx is preventing xxxxxxxx from xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx testing, xxxx teaching BY xxxxxxx MULGREW | NOVEMBER xxx 2011 xxx xxxx TEACHER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on July xxx 2013 from xxx internet:http://www xxxxxxxxxx x DQ xxxxx considering the xxxxx of education xx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx that comes xx mind is, xxx Preschool xxxxx xxx payers xxxxxxx  I live xx San Antonio, xx and xxxxx xx a xxxxxxxxxxx about taxpayers xxxxxx out higher xxxxx to xxxxx xxxx Head xxxxx programs in xxxxxxxx schools to xxxxx preschool xxxxxxxxx xxxx believe xx is a xxx payers waste xx money xxx xx parents xxxxxxx their little xxxx to daycare xxxxxxxx as x xxxxx childhood xxxxxxxx I believe xx is important xx give xxxxxxxx x head xxxxx in education x believe giving xxxxxxxx a xxxx xxxxx will xxxx them prepare xxx school readiness xxxxxxx reason xxxxxx xxxxxxx an xxxxx education is xxxxxxxxx is it xxxxxxx children xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx through play xxx socializing with xxxxx children xxxxx xxx a xxxxxx of reasons xxx it is xxxxxxxxx for xx xxxxx jump xxxxx in education xx young children xx the xxxxxx xxxxxxx it's xxx a tax xxxxxx waste of xxxxx The xxxxxxx xx this xxxxx is money xxxxxx not be x price xx xxxxxxxxx  6 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5 DQ xxxxxx are so xxxx issues xxxx xxxxxxxxx in xxx United States xxx ones that xxxx to xx xxxx instantly xxx why do xxxxxxxx teach to xxx test xxxxxxx xx teaching xxxxxxxxxxxxx Are there xxxx of fixing xxx funding xxxxxx xxxxx school xxxxxx has Can xx create enough xxxxxxx for xxxx xxxxx and xxx class? Why xx we hold xxxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxxxx on xxxxx and are xxx goals they xxxx to xxxx xxxxx Some xx those questions xxxx answers when xx stop xxx xxxxx about xxx bad economy, xxx the hopes xxxx the x x children xxxx learn enough xx challenge China xxx other xxxxx xxxxxxxxx if xxxxxx Other issues xxx the raise xx bullying xx xxxxxxx teachers xxx can't just xxxxxx they have xx be xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx etc x then there xx the issue xx schools xxxxxx xxxxx instead xx books due xx funding issues xxxxx big xxxxx xx a xxxxxx is the xxxxx in bullying xxx children xxx xxxxxxx for xxxxxxxxxx from the xxxxx clothes, to xxxx their xxxxxxx xx to xxxxx name As xxxxxxxxx we were xxx bullied xx xxxxxx on, xxx now days xxx children can xxx escape xxx xxxxxxxx It xxxxxxx them home xx the social xxxxx sites, xxxxx xxxxxx and xxxx schools don't xxxx any guidlines xx place xx xxxxxx the xxxxxxx This issue xxxxxx parents and xxxxxxx at x xxxx How xx we combat xxx raise and xxxxx children xx xxxxx up xxx themselves in x peaceful manner?Re:Module x DQ xxxxx x can xxx why are xxxxx so many xxxxxxxx dropping xxx xx school? xxx problem with xxxx issue would xx poverty xxx xxxxxxxx 30% xx American's High xxxxxx students are xxxxxxx school xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx  One xxxxx drops out xx school every x seconds x xxxx Magazine) xxxxxxxx is a xxxxxxx three out xx every xxx xxxx are xxxxxxxx out of xxxxxxx Over the xxxxxx of one xxxxxx xxx nearly xxxxx kids drop xxx of school xxxx Students xxxx xxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx out of xxxxxx is" Depression" xxxx this xxxxxxxxxx xx difficult to xxxx a motive xxx school; especially xxxx everything xxxx xx life xx not going xxxx High school xxxxxxxx commit xxxxx xxx of xxxxxxx and of xxxxxx make less xxxxx then xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx by xxxx 000, per xxxx I do xxx know xxx xxxxxxx did xxx say My xxxxxxxx  opinion would xx we xx x country xxxx struggle in xxx future; because xxxxxxxx people xxx xxx move xxxx country forward xxxxxx believe every xxxxx
grand_eng106_week_3_and_4_discussions.docx (24.46 KB)
Preview: draft xx calm xxx professional I  always xxx to convey x professional xxxx xx everything x write It’s xxx a habit xxxx years xx xxxxxxx legal xxxxxxxxx It is xxxxxx important to xxx a xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx To xx taken seriously xx your audience, xxx have xx xxxxxxxxxxx that xxx know and xxxxxxxxxx the topic xxx are xxxxxxx xxx or xxxxxxx People tend xx not take xxxxxxx serious xx xxxx conduct xxxxxxxxxx in an xxxxxxxxxxxxxx manner This xxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx of xxxx 5 postsRe:Module x DQ 2The xxxxx i xxxx xxxx in xx Argumentative draft xx persuasive, professional, xxx informative x xxxx conveyed xxx professional tone xxxxxx for the xxxxxxxx of xx xxxxx by xxxxxxxxx supporting details xxx true facts xxxx is xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx of my xxxxx because providing xxxxx proof xx xxxxxxx my xxxxxxxx will maintain xx audience interested xx my xxxxxxx xx audience xxxx take me serious getting xxxx attach to xx argument, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx them xx understand my xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx I xx xxxxxxx across xxxxxxxxxxxx 3 DQ xxxxxx Class!The voice xxxx I xx xxxxx in xx argumentative essay xxxxx be professional xxx persuasive x xxxx to xxx my point xxxxxx and be xxxxxxxxxxx but x xxxx to xx that without xxxxx harsh or xxxxx   xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3 xx 2Hi Professor xxx Class,   The xxxxx I xx xxxxx in xx argumentive draft is xxxxxxxxxxxxx and logical, in addition my xxxxxxxxxxx also xxx xxxxxxxxxx to xxxx I am xxxxxxxxx my professional xxxx needed xxx xx audience xx exhibiting a xxxx caring character, xxxxx very xxxxxxxxxxx xx my xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I want xx be clear, xxx correct xxxxxx xxxx choice xxx tone is important because xxxx allow the reader xx understand xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx details    believe xxxx people tend xx not xxxx xx listen xx or take xxx opinion of xxxxxx that xxx xxxxxx aggressive xxxxx their point, xxxx if they xxxxxx to xx xxxxx So xxxxxx my writing, x make sure xx remain xxxx xxxxx presenting xxx facts 8 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3 DQ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I xxx xxx first xx before reading xxxx one and xxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx this xxx there I xx using a xxxxxxxxxxxxx factual xxxxx xx convey xx stance with x bit of xxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxx this xx an argumentative xxxxxx sticking with xxx facts xx x manner xxxx would draw xxx audience in xx important xxxxxx xxxx remain xx check and xxxx can be xxxxxxxxxxxx when xxx xxxx your xxxxx and stick xx them 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3 xx xx have xxxxxxxxxx a consumer xxxxxxxxx political audience, xxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx for xx essay   The xxxxxxxx audience includes xxxxxxxx guardians, xxx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx audience comprises xx the Food xxx Drug xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Centers xxx Disease Control xxxxxx and other xxxxxxxxxxxx agencies; xxx xxxxxxx audience xxxxxxxx of health xxxx providers, insurance xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx   The xxxxxx of this xxxxx demands a xxxxxxxxxxxx prose xxxxx xxxx relate xx healthcare providers xxx government agencies; xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxx has xxxx a complicated xxxxxx and begs xxxxxxx tones xxxx xxxxxx to xxx consumer audience xxxxx cannot promote xxxxxxxxx vaccinations xxx xxxxxx positive xxxxxxx by sounding xxxxxxxxxxx callous, and xxxxxxxxxxx   The xxxx xxxxxxxx in xx essay is xxx parent, guardians, xxx caregivers xxxxxxx xxxx hold xxx key to xxx legalization of xxxxxxxxx vaccines; xxx xxxx should xxxxx comprehend the xxxxxxx effectiveness, and xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx tone xx my essay xxxxx to be xxxxxxxxxxxxxx vulnerable, xxx xxxxxxxxxx in xxxxx for the xxxxxxxx to have x strong xxxxxxxxxxx xxx connection xxx subject of xx writing   This xxxx of xxxx xxxx help xxx audience identify xxx this essay xx relevant xx xxxx and xxxx connect us xx a trustworthy xxxx   Unfortunately xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx will xxx validate my xxxxxxxx   Many essays xxxx been xxxxxxx xxxx statistics xxx incomprehensible jargon xxxxx have only xxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx readers xxxx like certain xxxxxxx are hidden xxxx my xxxxxxxxx x will xxx a professional xxx knowledgeable authoritative xxxx intertwined xxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx in hopes xxxx it will xxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxx essay that xxxxx to changing xxxxxx  7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x DQ xxxxxxxxxxx In my xxxxx I appealed xx logic, xxxxx xxx value x chose the xxxxx of charter xxxxxxx       xx xxxxx is x pro charter xxxxxx essay and xxx they xxxxxxx xxx educational xxxxxx Since I xxxxxxxxx through a xxxxxxx school, x xxxxxxxxxx their xxxxxxxxx With my xxxxx I wanted xx focus xx
GRAND_CANYON_ENG106_week_1_and_2_discussions.docx (30.82 KB)
Preview: to xxxx country xxx try to xxxx a better xxxx for xxxxxxxxxx xx long xx they do xx legally I xxxx like xxxx xx going xx be a xxxxx assignment That xx my xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx I xxxxxxx that this xxxx be a xxxxxxxxx and x xx interested xx seeing what x can laern xxxx this xxxxxxxxxx xx well xxx postsRe:Module 1 xx 3I believe x am xxxxx xx write xxxxx Immigration control x have always xxx an xxxxxxx xx this xxxxx I believe xxxx our boarders xxxxxx be xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx are taking xxx of our xxxx I xxxx x lot xx argue about xx that is xxx I xxxxx xxxx topic x personally wish xxxx we had xxxxxxxxx topics xx xxxxxx from x also want xx know, is xxx gcu xxxxxxx xxx only xxxxx that we xxx get research xxxxx Because xxx xxx it xxxxx like half xxx time I xx looking xx xxxxxxxxx for x certain topic, xx is hard xx find xxx xxxxxxx So x was trying xx see if xx could xxxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxxxx Other than xxxx I beleive x will xx xxxx 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 DQ xxx those choices, xxx going xx xxxx to xxxxxx immigration control xx general, I xxxxx care xxx xxx of xxxx but I xxxx to choose xxxxxxxxx When xx xxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx control, my xxxxxxxx can go xxxx ways xxxxx x do xxxx that the xxxxxxxx of the x S xxxx xx be xxxxxxxxx and controlled, xxx government spends xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxx year xx it The xxxx concerns that x may xxxx xxxxx be xxxxxxx proper sources xxxx the GCU xxxxxxx It xxxxx xxxx everything x find is x study or xxxxxxxx paper xxxxx xxxx that xxx ready to xx  Amy Powers3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 xx xxxxxx class, The xxxxx that interests xx for the xxxxx would xxxx xx mandatory xxxxxxxxxxxx This is xxxxxxx hearing a xxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx people xxxxx the vaccinations xxx why they xxxxx want xxxx xxx their xxxxxxxx That interests xx to find xxx why xxxx xxxxxxxx is xxx understanding a xxx about the xxxxx I xxxx x concern xx writing it xxxxxxx I have xxx been xxxxxx xxxx at xxxxxx 3 postsRe:Module x DQ 3My xxxxx for xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx essay xxxxx be Immigration control xxx thing that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to xx xxxxx this xxxxxx would be xxx are we xx a xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx immigration xxxxxxx and do xx have a xxxxxx on xx xx you xxxx any concerns xxxxx writing the xxxxxx I xx xxx have xxx concerns about xxxxxxx about this xxxxx Mirian xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx was xxxxxxx about using xxx contour abs xxxx to xxxx xx stomach xxxx to gain xxxxxxx mass To xxxxxxx my xxxxxxxx x had xx go online xx see if xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx can xxxxx other illnesses xxxxx conducting an xxxxxx research x xxxx wanted x more physical xxxxxxx I begin xx read x xxxx with xxxxxx who also xxxxxxxxx the contour xxx belt xxxx xxxx good xxx others were xxx There were xxxx good xxxx xxx Overall xxxxxxx the positive xxxxxxxxx from others xxx testimonies xx xxxx I xxxxxxxxx the contour xxx belt It xxx the xxxx xxxxx I xxxx did, today x stand with x flat xxxx xxxxxxx due xx the belt x found out xxx individuals xxx xxxxxxx the xxxx did not xxxx did not xxx it xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx eating xxxxxxx   7 postsRe:Module x DQ 1Ms xxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx have xx honestly say x don't do x great xxxx xx research x usually buy xxxx I like xx that xx xxxxxxxxxxx I xxx what I xxx afford I've xxxxx purchased xxx xx those xxxxxx The car x have is x hand-me-down xxx xx ex-husband xxxxxx the houses xx lived in x left xxx xxxxxxxxxxx to xxx Electronics are xxxxxxxxxx not my xxxxx so x xxxxxx really xxxx about them xx set them xxx I xxxxxx xxxx I xxxxxxxxxx a product xxxxxx Sensa not xxxx ago xxxx x tastant xxxxxx loss product xxxx one sprinkles xx food xxxx xx supposed xx help curb xxxx appetite Originally x was xxxxx xx order xx online but x read a xxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxx found xxxx most people xxxx charged over xxx per xxxxx xxxxxxxxx with xxx second month, xxx even after xxxx cancelled xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx were xxxxxxx for several xxxxxx following at xxx over xxx xxxx So x googled where xxxx it is xxx sale xxx xxxxx that xxxxxx carries it xx double-packs for xxx and xxxxxx xxxxxx has xxx double-packs for xxx I ordered xxxx Target xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 xx 1I don't xx a lot xx research, xxx xxxxx was xxx thing in xxxxxxxxxx that I xxxxxxxxxxx it xx xxxxxx a xxxx liften pump xx is a xxxx that xxxx xxxxx your xxxxx and it xxx a tube xxxxxxxxx to xxx xxxxx and xxxx medicine into xxxx body or xx my xxxx xx legs xx is to xxxx stop the xxxxxx caused xxxx xx cerebral xxxxx I was x little scared xxxxx seeing xxxx xxx pump xxxxxx like It xxx the size xx a xxxxxx xxxx I xxx a little xxxxxx about doing xxx surgery, xxx xx I xxxxxxxxxx it online xxx found out xxxx people xx xxxxxx a xxx deal for xxx with me xxxxxxxxxxx it xx xxxx still x little worried xx we went xx a xxxxxxxxxxx xxx he xxxx it was xx much a xxxx for xx xxx it xxxxx get infected xxx we didn't xxxx that xx xxxxxxx not xx do it xxxxxxxxx 2 DQ xxxxxxxxxx Davis, With xxx xx the xxxx these past xxxxxx recently I xxxxxxxxxx parting xxxx xx Jeep xx Being a xxxxx Girl" this xxx a xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx a lot xx research   xx driving xx xxxx limited xx I started xx keeping a xxx of xxx xxxxx driven, xxx purchased and xxxxxxxxxx miles per xxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Jeep xxxx very little xxx   I xxxx considered xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and xxx past expenses xxxx on Jeep xxxxxxxx major), xxxx xxxx fine, xxx future expenses xxxxx as tires) xx Since xx xxxx is xxxx for, taking xx payments and xxxxxxxxx for x xxxxx vehicle xxx another consideration xxxxxx my research xx Although x xxxxxxx car xxxxx seem more xxxxxxxxxx in my xxxxx especially xxxxxxxx xx gas, xxxx I wrote xxx pros and xxxx down, xxxxx xxxx more xxxxx one being xxxxxx on payments; xx was xxxxxx xxxx cost xxxxxxxxx to keep xxx Jeep   x was xxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx postsRe:Module 2 xx 1When researching

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