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Essay I - Industrialization

Essay I - Industrialization
Essay I - Industrialization 
Some historians consider the industrialists of the late 19th Century to be captains of industry while others argue that they were robber barons. Be sure to discuss both sides of this argument when writing your paper.
Choose a side and justify your response in a 2 page essay with no quotations.
*Save your work in .doc or .rtf format.

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Essay I - Industrialization
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Preview: Revolution xxxxxxxx in xxxx that were xxxxx Napoleon Hobsbawm xxxxxx calls xx xxx "dual xxxxxxxxxx " It xx responsible for xxx rapid xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx Britain, xxxxxx and Europe xx a whole xxxxx revolutions xxxx xxxx greater xxxxxxx political and xxxxxxxx impacts around xxx world xxxx xxx narration xx Hobsbawm, the xxxxxxxxxxx that happen xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx inevitable xxxxxxxxxxx how the xxx spurned out xxx people xxx xxx not xxxx much and xxxxx in industrial xxxxxx were xx xxxxxxx conditions; xxx rich or xxxx bourgeoisie) formed xxxxx class xxxx xxxxxxx them xx gain power xxx concept of xxxxxxx politics xxxx xxx men xx atoms in xxx air colliding, xx this xxxxx xxxxxx in xxx marketplace, was xxxxx pushed

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