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Write an eight- to ten-page paper, in which you compare and contrast two literary works from this course that share the same theme (using the “Themes & Corresponding Works” list, below, as a guide).
The paper should be organized around your thesis (argument), which is the main point of the entire essay. When developing a thesis for a comparative paper, consider how a comparison of the works provides deeper insight into the topic of your paper (i.e., think about why you have chosen to look at these particular works in relation to one another). In your analysis, consider the relationships among the following elements:


Form (e.g., short story vs. poem)


Assignment Requirements

Topic: Must address one of the topics in the guidelines

Length: Your draft should be eight to ten double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference page)

Sources: Utilize at least six scholarly sources to support your thesis (including the course text and at least two sources from the Ashford Online Library).

APA: Your draft must be formatted to APA (6th edition) style.

Separate Title Page: Must include an original title

Separate Reference Page

Proper Citations: All sources must be properly cited, both within the text and in a separate reference page.

Elements of Academic Writing: All academic papers should include these elements.

Introduction with a thesis statement

Supporting paragraphs


Themes & Corresponding Works Choose only two of the works within your selected theme.

Race / Ethnicity

Country Lovers (Gordimer)

The Welcome Table (Walker)

What It’s Like to Be a Black Girl (Smith)

Child of the Americas (Morales)

Gender Roles / Marriage

The Story of an Hour (Chopin)

The Necklace (de Mauppassant)

Country Lovers (Gordimer)

Gift of the Magi (Henry)

How I Met My Husband (Munro)

My Last Duchess (Browning)

Hills Like White Elephants (Hemingway)

Morning Song (Plath)

Creativity / The Creative Process

Poetry (Neruda)

Constantly Risking Absurdity (Ferlinghetti)

You, Reader (Collins)

Death and Impermanence

A Father’s Story (Dubus)

Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night (Thomas)

Nothing Gold Can Stay (Frost)

In Memoriam (Tennyson)

Because I Could Not Stop for Death (Dickinson)

The Things They Carried (O’Brien)

The Hunger Artist (Kafka)

Ozymandias (Shelley)

Futility (Owen)


Wild Geese (Oliver)

Dover Beach (Arnold)

The Oak (Tennyson)

Hope is a Thing With Feathers (Dickenson)

Home to Roost (Ryan)

Fog (Sandberg)

Symbolism of the Journey

A Worn Path (Welty)

Good Country People (O’Conner)

Hay for the Horses (Snyder)

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