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Bio 101 Week 2 Family Tree Presentation

Bio 101 Week 2 Family Tree Presentation

Bio101 Week 2 Family Tree Presentation

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Produce a family tree for at least three generations of your family, a friend's family, or a famous family such as the Bushes, Clintons, or Barrymores, following these genetic traits:

  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Dominant hand
  • Height
  • Widow's peak
  • Hitchhiker's thumb
  • A family genetic disorder(this is not required and should only be provided at one's discretion)

Summarize the inheritance of sex-linked traits through meiosis and how it relates to genetics.

Create a 5- to 6-slide Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentation illustrating your findings and summarizing the inheritance of sex-linked traits.

Bio/101 Week 2 Presentation Assignment

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Bio 101 Week 2 Family Tree Presentation
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BIO_101_Week_2_Family_Tree_Presentation.pptx (267.08 KB)
Preview: down xxxx Patrick x Kennedy down xx all the xxxxxxx With xxxx xx hair xx their heads xxxxxx the widows xxxx V xxxxx xx evident xxxx a distance xxx height was xx 1” xxxxxxxxx xxxx and xxxxxx This trait xx actually known xx “Distal xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx Thumb”, but xxxx is too xxxx to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxxxx by the xxxxxxx to bend xxx distal xxxxx xx the xxxxx back as xxx as possible xxxx F xxxxxxx xxxx thumb xxxxxxx curled fingers xxxxxx to emphasize xx an xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx This xx a condition xxxx was passed xxxx his xxxxxxx xxxx to
BIO_101_Week_2_Family_Tree_Document.docx (19.52 KB)
Preview: discussed xxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxx Hair Color- xxx hair color xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxx was xxxxxxx brown This xxxxxxxxx within the xxxx of xxx xxxxxx from xxxxxxx Joseph Kennedy xxxxxxx to their xxx President xxxx xxxxxxxxxx Kennedy xxx color- Just xxxx his father, xxx eye xxxxx xx President xxxx F Kennedy xxx greenish gray xxxxxxxx Hand x xxx hands xx President John x Kennedy were xxxxxx palm xxxxxx xxx dominant xxxx of the xxxxxxxxx was the xxxxx one xxxx xxx taken xxxx his ability xx right and xx most xx xxx occasions xx greeted crowds xxxxx it Widow’s xxxx (Ww)-The xxxxxxx xxxx for xxx of the xxxxxxx family is xxxxxxx This xxxxx

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