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BIO 101 Week 5 Discussion Question

BIO 101 Week 5 Discussion Question

BIO 101 Week 5 DQ

DQ 1

You are studying the community of a small pond and discover two similar species of fish. You believe they may be competitors, but you want scientific evidence to support or refute this idea. How would you conduct research, including studies you might carry out and findings you would expect if your hypothesis were true? Explain.

DQ 2

What are ecosystems? What are two effects of human activities on your local ecosystems? Explain.

BIO101 Week 5 Discussion Questions

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BIO 101 Week 5 Discussion Question
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Preview: your xxxxxxxxxx were xxxxx Explain SunfishThe xxxxx sunfish or xxxxxx mola, xxxx xxxxx is xxx heaviest known xxxx fish in xxx world xxxxx xxxxxxx are xxxxxxxxxx to few xxxxxxx predators, but xxx lions, xxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxx will consume xxxx Ocean sunfish xxxx to xxx xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxx (relatives of xxxxxxxxxx They will xxxx eat xxxxxx xxxxx fish, xxxxxxxxx algae, mollusks, xxxxxxx stars Cichlids xxxxxxxxxxxx are xxxx xxxx the xxxxxx Cichlidae in xxx order Perciformes xxxxxxxx are xxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxx known as xxxxxxxxxx along with xxx wrasses, xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx surfperches xxxx family is xxxx large and xxxxxxx Cichlids xxx xxx most xxxxxxxxxxxx non-Ostariophysan family xx freshwaters worldwide xxxx are xxxx

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