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BIO 101 Week 4 Discussion Question

BIO 101 Week 4 Discussion Question

BIO101 Week 4 Discussion Questions 

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DQ 1

Organisms have evolved physiologically and anatomically to adapt. How have their systems evolved to maximize their purpose of maintaining homeostasis and equilibrium? Explain.

DQ 2

Imagine that you were almost hit by a car. What systems were involved with your reaction or response to danger? Explain how the systems interacted.

DQ 3

Kidneys were the first organs to be successfully transplanted. Because a donor can live a normal life with only one kidney, should a person be allowed to sell a kidney? Explain.

DQ 4

Name one autoimmune disorder. How does it affect the immune system? Do you know someone who has an autoimmune disorder? How does it affect his or her life?

BIO/101 BIO101 Week 4 DQ

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BIO 101 Week 4 Discussion Question
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Preview: the xxxx to xxxx many adjustments xxxxxxxxxxx within the xxxx are xxxxxxxx xx as xxxxxxxxxx of homeostasis xxxxxxxxxxx regulation is xxxxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxxx which xxx as below:Receptor: xxxxxxxx also called xxxxxxxxxx gather xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx conditions xxxxxx and outside xx the body xxxxxxx center: x xxxxxxx center, xxxxx the brain, xxxxxxxx information from xxx sensors xx xxxx compares xxxx information to xxx set points, xx ideal xxxxxxx xx which xxx body functions xxxxxxxxxxxxx The effector xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx center by xxxxxx changes in xxxxxxxx ReferencesHuman xxxxxxxx xxxxx system xxx homeostasis, Retrieved xxxx http://www springtownisd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pdf2 xxxxxxx xxxx you xxxx almost hit xx a car xxxx systems xxxx xxxxxxxx with xxxx reaction or xxxxxxxx to danger? xxxxxxx how xxx xxxxxxx interacted xx I imagine xxxx I was xxxxxx hit xx xxx Firstly xx nervous system xxxx activated and xxxxx impulse xxxx xxx brain xxxxxxx to adrenal xxxxx and releases xxxxxxxxxx into xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx Now xx body is xxxx to response xxxx fight xx xxxxxx which xx described as xxx body's automatic xxxxxxxx when xx xxxxxxxx threat xx danger Adrenaline xxx spread throughout xxxxx and xx xxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx glycogen into xxxxxxx in liver xxx as xxxxxxxx xx blood xxxxxxx level, metabolic xxxx increased and xxxxxx in xxx xxxx

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