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BIO 101 Week 1 Discussion Question

BIO 101 Week 1 Discussion Question

BIO101 Week 1 Discussion Questions

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DQ 1

There are a number of structures (organelles) required to keep a cell functioning correctly. Select two organelles, outline their function and hypothesize what would happen if these structures were not functioning correctly.

DQ 2

Explain how an understanding of basic chemistry might help scientists cure several diseases in the future. Can you identify any areas where understanding body chemistry is a hot topic of discussion today? Please explain your answer.

DQ 3

One of the learning objectives this week is to understand the steps of the scientific method. What are the steps involved in the scientific method? Can you think of an everyday situation to which you may apply the scientific method? Please explain.

BIO 101 BIO/101 Week 1 DQ

BIO 101 BIO/101 Principles of Biology

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BIO 101 Week 1 Discussion Question
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Preview: in xxx cell xx is the xxxxxxx center, telling xxx of xxx xxxxx organelles xxxx to do xxx when to xx it xx xxx two xxxxx functions: it xxxxxx the cell's xxxxxxxxxx material, xx xxxx and xx coordinates the xxxxxx activities, which xxxxxxx growth, xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx protein xxxxxxxxxx and reproduction xx the nucleus xxxx not xxxx xxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx keeps everything xxxxxxx correctly to xxxx sure xxx xx the xxxxx are running xxxxxxxx It controls xxxxxxxxxx that xxxx xx and xxx the cells xxxx as RNA, xxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxx it maintain xxxxxxx Organelle- MitochondriaFunction- xxxx is xxx xxxxx station xx the cell, xxx is necessary xx break xxxx xxxxxxx protein, xxx fats to xxxxxxx the energy xxxx maintains xxxxxx xxxxxxxx function xx average cell xxx thousands of xxxxxxxxxxxxx although xxxxx xxxx require xxxx energy, such xx muscle or xxxxx cells, xxxxxxxxx xxxx more xx the mitochondria xxxx not work xxxxxxxxx If xxxxx xxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxx the cell's xxxxxx supply can xx depleted, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx cellular xxxxxxxxx thereby causing xxxxxxx Mitochondrion and xxxxxxxxxxx are xxx xxxxxxxxxx that xxx very important xx organisms Both xxxxxxx energy xxx xxxxxxxxxxx to xxx cell While xxxxxxxxxxx is found

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