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Milestone 7—Week 7: User Testing and Validation

Milestone 7—Week 7: User Testing and Validation
Visit locate tools to check for accessibility. There are some free online tools  listed there, such as EvalAccess, which you can use to check your HTML code.  Check your site and make any necessary corrections in your code.

Conduct a user test with at least two people (spouses and  kids are fine to use as testers). In addition to observing them using your  site, have them fill out the form you created in Week 5.
  Take a screenshot of the completed form or use the form to  use the action="mailto:your_email_address attribute to collect the user feedback.

Create a short report (one page or shorter) detailing the  results of the testing, including user suggestions and your response to those  suggestions (whether you feel they are valid and whether they can be  accommodated). Compare the user responses to your expectations of the user  working with your site.

Upon  completion, name your single MS Word document as lastname_CIS363B_projectWk7.
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Milestone 7—Week 7: User Testing and Validation

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